Pukka Profile

Pukka Print was founded by Juliet Cornell in 2011, following a lifelong love affair with interiors, textiles and prints.

Moving her young family to Bombay and living there from 2011-2013, Juliet immersed herself in Indian textiles and the block printing traditions. And having fallen in love with the old Chintz patterns and colouring produced in India over three hundred years ago, Juliet designed the ‘Hema’ collection, working closely alongside the block carvers and printers.

Juliet earned a degree in  Fashion and Textiles at Bristol Polytechnic in the late eighties, before launching her career in PR. Initially for the infamous Lynne Franks, she worked with a wide variety of clients ranging from the singer Michael Jackson to Laurent Perrier Champagne, before moving out of London with her husband in order to focus on bringing up four children. India then beckoned and from there Juliet was able to indulge herself in a textile tradition going back centuries. Now Juliet is back in England,  Pukka Print is the culmination of years of dreams, ambition and hard work.